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Moving Bookings to a Different Reservation

You use the Move Bookings reservation to move one or more bookings that do not have invoiced items from a selected reservation to an existing reservation or to an entirely new reservation. When you move a booking from a selected reservation, the booking and all its associated details are removed entirely from the selected reservation.

To move bookings to a different reservation

1. Open the reservation in the Navigator. See:

Opening a reservation directly in the Navigator”.

Opening a reservation through the Reservation Book”.

Opening a reservation through a group”.

Search Tools”.

2. In the left pane of the Navigator, select the reservation from which you are moving the bookings.

3. In the Bookings pane, click Tools, and then click Move Bookings Wizard. The Move Bookings Wizard opens. The option to move the bookings to an Existing Reservation is selected by default.


4. Do one of the following:

• In the Existing Reservation field, enter the reservation number for the existing reservation to which you are moving the bookings.

• Click New Reservation.

5. Click Next. The Select Bookings window opens. This window lists all the bookings for the selected reservation that do not have invoiced items.



To show canceled bookings, clear Hide Cancelled Bookings. Conversely, to hide canceled bookings, select Hide Cancelled Bookings. To show all bookings regardless of date, clear Hide Old Bookings.

6. Select the booking, or CTRL-click to select the multiple bookings that you are moving to the new or existing reservation, or click Select All to select all the displayed bookings in a single step, and then click Finish. A message opens indicating that the changes were made successfully.

7. Click OK to close the message and return to the Navigator. Both the old reservation and the new or existing reservation are now displayed in the left pane of the Navigator. If you moved the bookings to a new reservation, then the new reservation that is created is assigned the next available reservation number in the database. If you moved the bookings to an existing reservation and any of the moved bookings are in conflict with bookings in the existing reservation, then this conflict is indicated in the Navigator.