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Check-in Methods


Booking Check-In Dashboard

By going into the Booking Check-In area and entering the information into the filters, an administrative user can check in a booking by highlighting it and selecting Check-In. This feature replaces the Building and Booking Check-In tools in previous releases.

Reservation Book

Bookings in the Reservation Book can be checked into by right-clicking on the booking and selecting Check In.


Checking in with Virtual EMS

To check in through Virtual EMS, the user is required have a Web Security Template with the role for Allow Check In.

  1. To add the role navigate to Configuration > Web > Web Security Templates. Add the role to the template by editing the template.
  2. Once the Web User has the role, he or she can check into bookings in the Reservation Summary screen.

Checking in with EMS Glance

Checking in on EMS Glance can be done at the Glance monitor by selecting the Check In button.


Checking in with EMS Kiosk

Checking in on EMS Kiosk can be done at the Kiosk by selecting the Check In icon on the My Reservations screen.