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Adding Services to a Booking

You can add services to a booking provided that the room, booking template, and event type allow it to be added. You will only see allowable services when adding them to an event. 

See Also: Video Tutorial: Booking a Meeting With Services in Outlook

  1. To add services to a meeting, click the Services tab from the MeetingIf the tab is not available, your Administrator has not designated services for the booking template you are using.

The Services tab may be available for requesting one or more services for the event, such as Catering, A/V Equipment, and so on. If you can request services, your administrator may have set this tab to prompt you for additional information. Once you select a room, this tab shows services available for the selected rooms, sorted by Category. To see services within a category, click on it and options will show to the right. After you select a service for an event, click Apply to add the service to the event. If your meeting includes multiple rooms, you can specify services for each one.

  1. For recurrent meetings, multiple bookings are listed in the left panel; select the booking for you wish to add special services. (Otherwise, the Services tab lists your one-time booking and it is already selected). The center panel shows services available for the selected room booking.

Tip: Depending on your administrator's settings, a room may offer the following types of services (in the central panel):

  • Catering
  • Resources with or without Service Orders
  • Notes

Unlike other EMS applications, you cannot specify services that are Activities or Attendees.

  1. Click the Category of service in the center panel you wish to work with.  The right panel refreshes to show (expandable) options available in that category.

  1. Make your selections and click the Apply or Apply to Multiple button. 

    If you select Apply to Multiple (typically for recurrent meetings), the Apply to Additional Bookings popup presents, where you can select which room bookings should have the service included.

  1. Make your selections and click Apply. The services are added to your bookings and the Services tab refreshes to reflect your changes.