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Booking a Video Conference

You can create a video conference reservation for both one-time and recurrent meetings. You can book rooms for video conferences in two ways:

  1. The room is a dedicated video conferencing room. (The room has built-in video conferencing features.)
  2. The room has no built-in video conferencing features. Instead, you must use a mobile video conferencing cart in the room.

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To book a video conference, follow the the steps for one-time and recurrent meetings, with the following differences (click to expand):

 Concept: A Video Conference Reservation Requires Two Rooms 

You must always designate the capacity for each room, and you must indicate which room is the host room. When you select a room for the search results, you will be prompted to specify which room is the host, and the room headcount.

 Concept: You Add Audio-Video Equipment On the Services Tab
You add these items as services for each room in the reservation. If a room has no built-in video conferencing features, you can add an mobile video conferencing cart on this tab.

 Concept: Additional Setup and Teardown Time Will Be Automatically Added To Your Booking 
Your Administrator defines rooms that have special setup instructions, so when a room requires extra setup and teardown time, this shows on the Schedule tab once you have completed your reservation.



















After you successfully book a video conference reservation, the host room is indicated on the Selected tab.