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Booking Templates, Requests, and Reservations

Concepts: Booking Templates, Requests, and Reservations 

Booking Templates 

Your Administrator creates different Booking Templates for different purposes. For example, your Administrator could make one template for individual workspaces, another template for meeting rooms without services like catering, and yet another template for meetings with services.

For each template, your Administrator can enable some fields and disable others. For example, your Administrator could set up a "meeting room with services" template that requires you to enter a purchase order number to pay for the services.

You can set up default values of the templates that are available to you so that you can more quickly make your reservations. For example, if you book a workspace every day from 8:30am to 4:30pm, you can set up these times as default values so that you don't have to enter them every time. (You can override them anytime you need to.)

To set up default values for your templates, go to My Account and then to the Personalization tab.

Requests vs. Reservations

Depending on your permissions, you may Request a Room or Make a Reservation. Room requests require approval from a supervisor and are visible to other users so they know the space has been tentatively booked. The EMS Web App behaves differently for each type of user, showing fewer options (and usually, less information) for those who can only request rooms.