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Establishing Delegates

You may wish to designate another EMS Web App user to make reservations and room requests and so forth on your behalf. You may need to to do this, for example, to get someone else to handle your EMS work during your absence.

You begin by adding one or more EMS users to act as your delegate. Then they can log in and request to "Act As" you. You can keep track of their actions on your behalf, and any event invitations, cancelations, changes, room requests, service requests, and so on that they create on your behalf will appear to other EMS users as yours.

Delegates Act as You

Concept: A delegate is another authorized user who can act as you in EMS Web App and carry out actions on your behalf. To delegate users, first you add them to your account as delegates under My Account. Then they can use the Act As option and select your name. 


  1. Open the My Account option from the upper right corner of EMS Web App.

  1. Click the DELEGATES tab and add your delegates.

  1. For the EMS Web App user who will act on behalf of another

    From the MY ACCOUNT dropdown, you must click Act As.

In the popup, select which user you're going to act as and click OK to confirm.

Once activated, the user you're act as will show in the upper right corner of the EMS Web App, like this: