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Sending Notifications

Concept: Changing Events Can Automatically Notify Users 

Your Administrator can automate alerts to be sent to you (or groups of which you are a member) when changes or additions have been made in EMS for bookings and reservations, service orders, room types, setup types, user accounts, and so on. When you create a reservation or booking that has these notifications turned on, users will receive these alerts without requiring additional effort from you. Be sure to review these notification settings during the process of creating or modifying events. 

If your EMS Web App implementation uses the Integration with Exchange, you can handle notifications using Outlook.

Concept: Integration to Microsoft® Exchange Enables You to Use Outlook®

If your organization deploys our Integration to Microsoft® Exchange, you can view the availability of meeting rooms and attendees, and send Microsoft® Outlook® meeting invitations, all from within EMS Web App. 

You must be licensed for EMS Desktop Client, EMS Web App, and Integration to Microsoft® Exchange in order to configure and use this capability. If you are unsure if your organization is licensed for Integration to Microsoft® Exchange, or if you would like to learn more about it, please contact your EMS Account Executive.

Concept: Confirmations vs. Notifications, What's the Difference?

  • These are either sent out automatically after a booking is made in EMS Web App, or manually from the EMS desktop client.
  • They contain the date/time/resources for the booking that was created.
  • These usually go to end users so they know when their event is and if they owe any money.
  • These are sent out automatically based on the filters on the notification rule:
  • There are five types of notification rules:

  • These are mostly sent out X days before a booking.  They are triggered when a change occurs on a booking, service order, and so forth within that range of days.