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Canceling Your Reservations and Bookings

This section guides you to work with bookings in the Reservation Details page on EMS Web App, where you can view, add, change, or cancel services and attendees for a booking. For an overview, see Reservation Details. A reservation may contain multiple bookings, so the procedures below guide you in applying your changes to more than one booking within a reservation.

Canceling Reservations

  1. Navigate to the reservation with which you wish to work: click MY EVENTS on the main EMS Web App menu (or from the My Bookings area on MY HOME). Then click on a Reservation. 

Tip: When you click to edit a Reservation or Booking, the page that opens depends upon the type of booking that you are editing—a booking for reserving a room, a booking for requesting a room, or a booking for services only.

  1. From the Reservation Details page, click Cancel Reservation

Warning: Canceling a reservation will also cancel all bookings under the reservation. 

  1. In the Cancel Reservation? popup that appears, select a Cancel Reason and add Cancel Notes, and then confirm that you want to cancel.

  1. Your MY EVENTS pages refreshes and the reservation is canceled.

Canceling Bookings

  1. From the Reservation Details page in the Booking area, to cancel a single booking, click the date of the booking or the Remove icon  next to the booking. (These options are available if your administrator has given you permission).

Tip: To cancel multiple bookings, click Cancel Bookings in the upper corner of your My Events list.

  1. In the Cancel Booking? popup that appears, select a Cancel Reason and add Cancel Notes, and then confirm that you want to cancel

Your MY EVENTS page refreshes and the booking is canceled.