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Locating People

You can click BROWSE > PEOPLE from the main EMS Web App menu to find events by the person who reserved or is attending the event, or to simply find where a user or group will be located at a given time. 

Note: Previous releases of EMS called this"Locate a group."

To see all people and groups who have events scheduled for today, leave the Name field blank and click Search. To narrow the results to only the bookings for one person or group, click on the user or group name.

To search for a specific person or group, enter at least the first three letters in the Name field (EMS Web App will suggest the closest match), and then click Search.   

Tip: The Search field is not case-sensitive and you can search by first or last name.

Tip: If your Administrator has enabled it, a Floor Plan icon will appear for each event in this view. You can click this icon to open a floor plan for the selected building and view location details.