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EMS Software, LLC

Introduction to the Home Page

Once you have signed in to EMS, you will see a menu on the left and your home page on the right. To begin making a reservation, click CREATE A RESERVATION. To explore events, locations, and people, use the options under BROWSE.

Note: If not all options display or you are logged in as a Guest, you may need a User Account created by your Administrator.

Main Menu

The menu on the left enables you to: 

  • MY EVENTS (shows your events in a calendar grid by DayMonth, or Date)
    • EVENTS in a calendar grid
    • LOCATIONS (Buildings, Facilities, Regions, and Rooms)
    • PEOPLE 
  • LINKS (your favorite shortcuts)


Information on your home page varies depending on your Administrator's settings and User Preferences. For most users, the page shows three regions:

  • My Reservation Templates (different types of reservations you can make)
  • My Bookings (your reservations)
  • My Infographics (a summary of your activity)

Tip: Anywhere you see "..." on a room name, you can click to expand and see the full room name.


Clicking the SITE HOME tab will show your organization's customized EMS home page.