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Logging In and Out

You can access EMS Web App through any standard Internet browser.

  1. Open an Internet browser session and navigate to your EMS Web App URL. (Contact your EMS Administrator if you need assistance). The EMS Web App home page opens, prompting you to Sign In.


    Tip: If your Administrator has enabled it, you can create a Guest Account using the green buttons to the right. This enables you to request rooms; room requests must be approved by designated users in your organization. 

  2. In the Email Address field, enter the email address and password for your EMS User Account. Click for help with your password or contact your Administrator if you don't have one. 
  3. Then click Sign In. The window changes to show your MY HOME and offer more options for creating reservations and browsing events, locations, and people.
    For an overview, see Introduction to the Home Page.

To log out

Under your name in the upper right corner, click the dropdown arrow and then click Sign Out.