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What's New

Designed for Everyday Users on the Go 

EMS Mobile App, available on iOS and Android smartphones, is designed primarily for everyday users "on the go." It allows users to make simple reservations in unmanaged spaces (i.e., spaces without services and approvals), such as workspaces and open conference rooms. For example, everyday users may want to:

  • Book a meeting space with a few attendees while traveling from their hotel room
  • Change the time and/or room for an existing booking
  • View where their upcoming meeting is located
  • Check-in to or cancel their upcoming meeting 

EMS Mobile App uses your phone's hardware features. You can use your phone's camera to scan a QR code to book or check-in to meetings. Administrators can set a proximity-based check-in distance so that users will be able to check-in to their meeting when they are within a certain distance of the building.

Although EMS Mobile App contains many features available on the desktop-browser based EMS Web App, there are some key differences between the two.

EMS Mobile App Features Not in EMS Web App 

  • Hardware: location, camera
  • Offline capability
  • Ability to integrate with other mobile apps (e.g., Maps)
  • Ultra-compact display designed for smartphones
  • Two-factor authentication method
  • QR Code functionality
  • Proximity-based location search
  • Proximity-based check-in validation

EMS Web App Features Not in EMS Mobile App

  • Browse events and people
  • Act As (delegation feature)
  • Edit account details
  • Edit delegates
  • Edit everyday user process template defaults
  • Create / edit service orders

What's New in the Update 9 Release 

This release introduces several enhancements, summarized below. See Also: EMS Mobile App Release Notes.

Performance: Changes to the Technology Stack 

  • EMS Mobile API to new Middle-tier product: EMS Platform Services (the first EMS application to consume RESTful API)
  • React Native framework for app development
  • Updated architecture


  • New user authentication options: new SSO authentication options, persistent authentication option, new EMS Mobile App Admin page
  • Create reservation: enhanced the filter for room search (now filters by Area, Building, Views, Capacity), smart defaults for start time and end time, time zone default to selected location
  • List view: removed past bookings, improved user interface improvements
  • Favorite rooms: added room filter