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Custom, Email, and Attachment Fields

Field Name


Custom Fields

This tab is opened by default when the Submit Events page first opens.
• Field Name—Enter a name that describes or provides hints about the additional information that is to be entered in the Description field. For example, if the Description field is to contain information about parking at the event, you could enter “Parking Info” for the field name.
Note: For a list from which you can select a preset field name, click the Hint icon to open a list of Custom Field Hints.
• Description field—Enter additional information about the event in this field.
• URL—Enter the URL for a website that provides additional information about the event.


Click Emails to open the Emails tab. On this tab, you can enter the email addresses for the invitees to the event. Separate multiple email addresses with either commas or semi-colons.


To add attachments to the event, click Attachments to open the Attachments tab, and then click Browse to open the Choose File dialog box for browsing to and selecting the attachments. After you have added all of the required attachments, click OK. A list of the attachments appears on the tab. The list shows the name of each attachment, the size of the attachment, and provides an option to delete the attachment (for example, if you added the attachment in error or the attachment becomes obsolete).