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Viewing Your Requests

1. Log in to Master Calendar.
2. On the Master Calendar main menu, point to My Options, and then click View My Requests. The View Request page opens. By default, the Current tab is the opened tab. The Current tab shows all your event requests going forward from the current day’s date. The Historical tab shows all your past event requests.

View Request page



The request was approved for all calendars to which you submitted it


The request was denied for all calendars to which you submitted it


The request has not previously been approved for any calendar, or it was previously denied for any calendar, and it is currently pending on one or more calendars


3. Optionally, you can do one or more of the following to customize the information that you are viewing to better suit your needs:

• Click Show Cancelled to also view all canceled events on this page.

• Click the event title to open the Event Summary page and edit an event request. 

• Sort your request based on a particular characteristic (for example, Event Title).

• Enter complete or partial search criteria in the Title field and click Quick Search to search for a particular event.