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Logging In to Master Calendar

  1. When you first launch EMS Master Calendar, in the upper right corner, the user area indicates “Guest.” This page may appear differently than shown below depending on how your site administrator has configured the page. Variations in the page configuration include:

• A two column or three column layout.
• A dynamic or static feed at the top or bottom of the page.
• A dynamic or static announcement at the top or bottom of the page.
• If your site has public calendars, a calendar picker either in the top row, or in the second or third column.


  1. Click Log In and enter your User ID and password, then click Login.

Tips: Your User ID is not the same as your User Name; it is the email address defined for your user account in Master Calendar. If you forget your password and the option Email me my password shows at the bottom of the Login dialog box, click this option to have your full password emailed to you.

If you are a site administrator, the first time you log in, you must use admin/admin as the User Id /password combination. It is recommended that you change this combination after your first login.

  1. If the option is available, select a time zone. The time zone you pick is automatically set as the default time zone for any event that you submit. You can always change this value for an event.
  2. Once you have logged in to the system, the User ID field will automatically populate with your ID, the Welcome message will state “Welcome <User Name>,” and EMS Master Calendar will open on the Home page. The calendars you can access and the tasks you can do from this page are determined by your user profile.