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How do I publicize an event in Master Calendar?

Process Overview:

There are several ways  to publicize an event:

  • If your Master Calendar implementation allows anyone to request an event, it has to be submitted for approval first. 
  • Authorized (administrative) users, however, often have permissions to submit an event directly to a calendar without requiring approval.

Whether you are an everyday user or administrative user, the process is the same:

  1. Submit an event in Master Calendar (specifying all necessary event information).

Tips: Choose "Featured Event" if your event needs to be featured on the calendar. Be sure to include an event image and a catchy description to catch people's interest. Choose the calendar(s) you want the event to appear on.

  1. Check your event on the calendar. Once the event is approved by the Calendar Manager (if approval is required), it will show on the calendar(s) you selected. People who subscribe to the calendar will be alerted to the new event.