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Report Descriptions and Options

This section provides a description of every report that is available in the EMS Campus Planning Interface. It also defines the options that are available for each report. See:

Course List”.

Course Preferences”.

Preferences Summary”.

Instructor Back to Back”.

Instructor Summary”.

Final Exam Schedule”.

Course List



Provides a list of courses and course dates.

Note: This report is often sent out to academic units for review when the Domain Scheduler is finished with room assignments.

There are options to include courses without room assignments and to print User Defined Fields that are associated with courses. Formats include:

• By Course

• By Instructor

• By Academic Department By Course

• By Academic Department By Instructor

• By Day of Week

• By Location

• By Estimated Enrollment

• By Start Time

• By Subject

• By Course Type

Course Preferences



Used after Set Preferences mode to provide a list of courses and course dates with their preferences and requirements.

Format Choices:

• By Course

• By Academic Department By Course

• By Academic Department by Instructor

Preferences Summary



After running an optimization scenario, this report is used to summarize the following information:

• The number of each type of preference or requirement.

• The number of the preferences that can be met from the optimization process.

• The number of preferences that cannot be met from the optimization process.

You can generate this report for each different scenario that was optimized.


Instructor Back to Back



Lists the courses that have instructors who are scheduled to teach two courses at the same time (Conflicts) and instructors who are teaching back to back in different locations within the time gap that is specified in Options.

• The days of the week that are to be included in the instructor’s schedule.

• The time gap (in minutes) between classes on the specified days that determines “back to back.”

Instructor Summary



This report includes the following values per instructor:

• Number of sections.

• Number of teaching hours.

• Number of credit hours.

• Total estimated enrollment.

• Total actual enrollment.

• Number of sections in Prime Time.

• Number of Time Block violations.


Final Exam Schedule



Displays a list of courses with their corresponding final exam date, time, and room as assigned by the final exam session.

• All Assigned - All courses that have been assigned to a room by the final exam session

• Different Rooms - All courses that have been scheduled in room that was not the same that was used all semester for the course for the final exam

• Unassigned - All courses that have not been scheduled in a room for the final exam

• Final Exam Not Scheduled - All courses for which no final exam was scheduled